The culture that is Swiss branding


Toblerone is moving it's chocolate production out of Switzerland and losing it's logo as a result.

The Matterhorn, that majestic mountain peak that graced Toblerone's packaging since 1970, holds a special place in the hearts of the Swiss people. In Switzerland, it's not just a mountain; it's an emblem of national pride. But here’s why Toblerone has to let go of it—the Swissness Act of 2017, dictates that products should be intrinsically tied to the Swiss geography to bear the "Swiss-made" label and carry Switzerland-related imagery.

From the Trademark Factory's newsletter, which sadly doesn't have a link.

Obesity trends


In the past 5 decades, the obesity rate in the United States has never gone down two years in a row, paraphrased from the Odd Lots Episode linked above.

Totally astounding. I'd be on that changing over the next two years.

Contingencies in history, 1848 edition


The Sicilian Revolution, the first one of the many revolutions of 1848, was kicked off by a single person putting up flyers in the name of a revolutionary committee that didn't exist.

You could argue that if something this small could kick off a revolution, then it was going to happen anyway... and yet, what if no one else had thought to do it?

Via The Rest is History.




My favorite episode of television of the year so far, maybe in two years. It really taps into how being useful to others impacts a person's psyche.

"I wear suits now." Just perfect.