Change log: image responsiveness

One of my proudest accomplishments from the past year is coding this website with the help of GPT.

When I first built the site, I wasn't sure I was going to finish it and GPT didn't have sharing features, so then I was done and I couldn't share with others what it was like, but it was really impactful for me. This skill that had always been outside of my grasp was now something I could do... and what did that mean for other skills?

Since finishing the site's MVP, I've periodically made changes, but haven't put all the effort into sharing them. I'm going to try and do more of that though, in part because ChatGPT's sharing features make it so easy to do.

So with that prologue, here's my first change log post: images are now responsive on the site. This was annoying me for a while and I'm glad I took the 15 minutes to fix it.

Here's how things looked before: before.png

And here's how things look after: after.png

You can see how I did it here