Friday threads


  1. What makes a superfood? . “As a marketer, if your product happens to come out first in something, you might want to look into it.”
  2. How to do things if you're not that smart and don't have any talent. Some favorites:
    • Be bold
    • Bring a sense of urgency & move fast.
    • Ask your naive questions.
    • Simplify things.
    • Follow up.
    • Show up during the hard times.
  3. Nat Bullard’s Decarbonization 2023
  4. Math Team. Such a waste of young life. I hope I never do this to my children.
  5. How Pixar does listening. My favorite tip: free writing thoughts before responding as a way of avoiding group think. I’d imagine that Amazon’s memo culture produces similar benefits.
  6. I’ve been asking ChatGPT a lot recently to help write “Stripe quality documentation” and getting great results. A new milestone for brands is having a style distinctive enough that LLMs recognize it.

Congratulations, Argentina!


Congratulations to Argentina and Lionel Messi on winning the World Cup. Thrilling game.

I saw Messi play in person in 2019 and it remains one of the three most impressive in person sporting performances I’ve ever seen. What I’ll remember most about watching the game, besides the atmosphere was how different Messi was in person.

He sat the first half of the game and then came in for the second half. Everyone else on the field was a football player; he was a great white shark. He scored the game’s only goal and was so business like about it. It felt like he could’ve scored it whenever he wanted and chose to do it then and not to do it again so as not to show up his opponents. I’m glad that guy has won a World Cup.