Disparity in divorce


I saw this yesterday afternoon and it caught my eye:

It reminded me of #49 in my list of 52 things I learned in 2022: If a married woman is diagnosed with a brain tumor, there is a 21% chance that the couple will divorce; if the husband has a tumor, there is only a 3% chance they will divorce, which I found via Rob Henderson.

Based on some googling, I don't think this is the exact same study, but in the spirit of intellectual honesty, I figured I should post it.

There is some nuance, but the general relationship between illness and husbands divorcing their wives no longer holds.

Congratulations to I-Fen Lin and Susan Brown, who found the error, and Amelia Karraker who handled the correction with dignity.

The dangers of coal


An interesting example of status quo bias. We know that coal is dirty and that it is a part of the electricity system, and these negative health effects are a part of normal operations, so we accept them.

Mary Poppins was right


A spoonful of sugar really does help the medicine go down.

A recent study has found that a fruit-flavored medicine, taken once daily for six months, reduces a child's risk of developing multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) disease by over 50%.

From News Minimalist as reported in Bloomberg.

1) How had this not already been tried? 2) How has this not already been rolled out to all children's medicine?